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Lindsay Smith is the author of the YA espionage thrillers Sekret, Skandal, and Dreamstrider, all from Macmillan Children’s. She lives in Washington, DC, with her husband and dog, where she writes on international issues in cyber security. @LindsaySmithDC.

#ColdWitch History Lessons

Assassination Umbrellas, Exploding Paint Sets…and Dead Drop Rats? More Strange Declassified Spy Gear from the Cold War

Of the many devices these spies used, some are certainly more *creative* than others. Take a look at some of the stranger spy gear we've come across in our #ColdWitch research journey

#ColdWitch History Lessons

Czechoslovakian espionage in Cold War Australia

Who was Horace Pile? For a humble Australian electronics components salesman, he made a surprising number of visits to the Weapons Research Establishment (WRE) at Salisbury. Could he have been one of the leading Soviet intelligence operatives in Australia?

#ColdWitch History Lessons

Soviet Broadcast Jamming and Radio Design

Soviet radio jamming couldn't keep Soviets from jamming to western broadcasts.

#ColdWitch History Lessons

Josef Koudelka: The Man Who Risked His Life to Photograph the Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia

After years of taking striking photos of Rromani people, Josef Koudelka stood before the tanks during the 1968 Soviet invasion of Prague. He smuggled out his images, which circulated the globe while he fled to Britain. Here's a look at his most poignant and powerful shots.

#ColdWitch History Lessons

Insecotocoptors, Robofish, and Microdots: CIA Spy Gadgets of the Cold War

If you thought James Bond had cool tech toys, get a load of some of this stuff.

#ColdWitch History Lessons

The Sky Is No Limit: Communist Life in Space

The Soviet Union didn’t just imagine a worker’s utopia on Earth—they also hoped the great communist experiment would eventually reach other worlds as well.

#ColdWitch History Lessons

Vladimir Remek, first Czech Cosmonaut

Most of the visitors to Salyut 6, the Soviet Union's International Space Station, came from smaller Communist nations sympathetic to the Soviet ideal. Yet to much surprise, the first of these visitors, Vladimir Remek, launched in March 1978, was from the most unlikely country: Czechoslovakia.

#ColdWitch History Lessons

Correspondence Chess, Code-Breaking, and Espionage

If we've learned anything from The Witch Who Came In From The Cold, it's the importance of guarding secrets.

Serial News

The Witch Who Came In From The Cold Season One Omnibus!

We're happy to say that now all the spies, spells, and secrets of The Witch Who Came In From The Cold season 1 have been gathered together and are not available as collected editions from the retailer of your choice!

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New Episode! Whitehall Episode 2: “Fierce Artifice”

Weddings and births are usually causes for celebration – but no joys are simple when a royal family is involved.

From The Writers' Room

Lindsay Smith and Max Gladstone on writing The Witch Who Came In From The Cold – Ep 13: “Company Time”

Magic and fiction are similar in many ways, but one of them is symmetry. We like our stories to rhyme.

Serial News

New Episode! The Witch Who Came In From The Cold – Episode 13: “Company Time”

When a long-buried mole comes to light, sending Operation ANCHISES off the rails, rival agents Gabe and Tanya are forced to take drastic action.

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