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Ellen Kushner’s paying jobs have included folksinger, book editor, national public radio host (Sound & Spirit/WGBH), writing teacher (Clarion, Odyssey, WRX, Hollins Child.Lit.MFA), audiobook narrator (all three Riverside novels for Neil Gaiman Presents) and pilgrim at Plimoth Plantation. Her Riverside novels begin with Swordspoint, followed by The Privilege of the Sword (Locus Award, Nebula nominee); The Fall of the Kings (written with Delia Sherman) and a growing collection of short stories. She lives in New York City with Delia Sherman, no cats, and a whole lot of airplane and theater ticket stubs she just can’t bring herself to throw away. EllenKushner.com. @EllenKushner.

Serial News

Season Finale! Tremontaine Episode 13: “Departures”

Kaab and Diane, enemies bound by common interests, forge a new understanding.

From The Writers' Room

The Wonderful World of Ellen Kushner

Beware the giant vengeful swan pudding!


A Chat Over Chocolate

While our heroes and heroines enjoy their mid-season hiatus, some of the writing team behind Tremontaine got together to discuss the season, the characters, and of course, the chocolate.

A Bowl of Questions

The one and only Ellen Kushner

Sometimes I am a sharp-nosed red fox peeking up over a log, daring you to do something you didn’t know you wanted to do, but I’m going anyway, so you may as well come with me.

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Ellen Kushner on writing Tremontaine Ep 1: “Arrivals”

When I first met the Duchess Tremontaine, she was visiting a friend on the Hill, that elegant and exclusive portion of the city where the nobility lives, with its broad streets and gorgeous town-houses whose back gardens slope down to the river – as far away as possible from the ancient Riverside quarter, though it is not that long a walk if you cut through the Middle City.

Serial News

Serial Launch! Tremontaine Episode 1: “Arrivals”

In a city that never was, sex, scandal, and swordplay combine in a melodrama of manners that returns readers to the beloved world of Ellen Kushner’s Swordspoint!

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