Cecilia Tan


Cecilia Tan writes about her many passions, from erotic fantasy to baseball, from
her home in the Boston area. She is the author of many books, including the award-
winning books Slow Surrender, Daron’s Guitar Chronicles, and The Prince’s Boy. Her
upcoming urban fantasy series with Tor Books launches in August 2017 with the
first book, Initiates of the Blood. She has edited over 50 anthologies of erotica for
Red Silk Editions, Ravenous Romance, the publishing house she founded, Circlet
Press, and others. Her short fiction has appeared in Ms. Magazine, Asimov’s Science
Fiction magazine, Best American Erotica, and many other places. She has served as
publications director for SABR (Society for American Baseball Research) since 2011.
CeciliaTan.com. @ceciliatan.

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