CD is our social media intern. She lives in a strange world where data and fiction intersect, which means her nose is usually stuck in a book, a spreadsheet, a manuscript, or a social media website. She’s the creator of the popular parody account, @broodingYAhero, and a Young Adult Fiction writer. Additionally, she’s pursuing a Master’s degree in Digital Media Marketing and Analytics at the University of Pittsburgh.

A Bowl of Questions

Questions and Swoons with Brooding YA Hero

You might have seen our most recent interviewee in any number of your favorite YA books, sulking in a corner and staring at you with his icy blue eyes that sparkle like a thousand stars...

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Tremontaine lovers rejoice – Whitehall is here to please

Are you a fan of Tremontaine? Have you checked out our historical serial Whitehall yet? We’ve got five reasons why you’d love it!

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The Stages of Enjoying An Episode Of Serialized Fiction

New to serials? Here is a handy list of the stages you may pass through on your journey.

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Fan Spotlight: Lisa from Over the Effing Rainbow

The only things we Serial Boxers love more than delicious episodic fiction are the amazing readers, listeners, and fans who tune in every week to enjoy our serials.

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How To Prepare for the Perfect Binge-Read

With the release of our complete first seasons for our first three serials, we’ve unlocked LIMITLESS BINGE-READING POTENTIAL. To celebrate, we thought we’d share our top tips on having a perfect book-reading binge.

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Young Adult + Serialized Fiction = OTP

We here at Serial Box are pretty big fans of serialized fiction - you might even say we're a little obsessed. But we have other loves! Amongst them: Young Adult Fiction. Now, two of our loves are coming together with the forthcoming launch of our first YA serial - REMADE!

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Surviving the Whitehall Hiatus with Royal Dignity

So, as you may have heard, our historical drama, WHITEHALL, is on hiatus until July 13th. The serial will be back soon, and full of the drama, romance, and mystery you’ve loved in the first five episodes. But what’s a royal reader to do during this wait? Here are a few suggestions.

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Fan Spotlight: Johan Swanljung

In our new feature, we’ll be interviewing Serial Box fans! Stay tuned for more fun interviews with our readers.

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Top Seven Secret Codes From History

Puzzles, riddles, and cyphers - oh my! Lately we've been having codes and secret messages on the brain as we followed along with the spies and sorcerers of The Witch Who Came In From The Cold.

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