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Out this week! A Most Dangerous Woman Episode 2: The Winter of Our Discontent and Born to the Blade Episode 7: Dreadnought

Marian’s situation grows more dire in Episode 2 of A Most Dangerous Woman, and Twaa-Fei descends into suspicion and fear in Episode 7 of Born to the Blade.

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New Episode: Born to the Blade S1E4 “The Gauntlet”

The time has come for Kris Denn of Rumika to challenge for their place in the Warders Circle of Twaa-Fei, adding a seventh voice to the nations dedicated to keeping a fragile peace through diplomacy and duels rather than war and death.

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New Episode: Born to the Blade S1E3 “Baby Shower”

In the Warder's Circle of Twaa-Fei, the truth is a game, and nothing can be taken at face value.

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New Episode: Born to the Blade S1E2 “Fault Lines”

After a sharp, violent start to their adventures on Twaa-Fei with the execution of the escaped Kakutan Golden Lord, Oda No Michiko and Kris Denn are settling into the tense life in the embassy that binds six nations in an uneasy peace.

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Series Premiere: Born to the Blade S1E1 “Arrivals”

At an elegant soiree organized for her benefit—so she can meet the players in Cairo’s expensive art scene

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