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Brian Francis Slattery is the author of Spaceman Blues, Liberation, Lost Everything, and The Family Hightower. Lost Everything won the Philip K. Dick Award in 2012. He’s the arts and culture editor for the New Haven Independent, an editor for the New Haven Review, and a freelance editor for a few not-so-secret public policy think tanks. He also plays music constantly with a few different groups in a bunch of different genres. He has settled with his family just outside of New Haven and admits that elevation above sea level was one of the factors he took into account. For one week out of every year, he enjoys living completely without electricity.


Bookburners Reread: Episode 3, “Fair Weather”

“Fair Weather” opens on a lost Sal, adrift in the labyrinthian Vatican. She may know the South Bronx like the back of her hand but the endless marble corridors of His Holiness’ home take some learning. Just as she resigns herself to do that most dreaded thing – actually asking for directions – she is saved by Sexy Spec Ops Man!


Bookburners Reread: Episode 2, “Anywhere But Here”

Episode two opens with Sal, metaphorical backpack and soup canister in hand, arriving for her first day at work – in Rome. #SceneChange #DemonHuntingGlobeTrotters #AllRoadsLeadToRome #YesIAmAwareHashtagsDon’tWorkLikeThis


Bookburners Reread: Episode 1, “Book, Badge, and Candle”

Welcome to the Bookburners reread! Every week your stalwart guide will be rereading an episode of the exciting urban fantasy serial by Max Gladstone, Margaret Dunlap, Mur Lafferty and Brian Francis Slattery.

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Awards Eligibility

Serial Box is so proud of all of the fantastic fiction we published in our inaugural year! Should anyone be inclined towards award nominations, here is a complete list of our eligible items.

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Announcing Bookburners Season 2!

June, 2016 will find our favorite detective-turned-magic hunter ready to take on demons, angels, and maybe even her lingering feelings for a certain teammate.

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Brian Francis Slattery on writing Bookburners Ep 14: “An Excellent Day For An Exorcism”

At the story summit meeting for this season, once we had our season outline in place, I think we all secretly had our episodes we really wanted to write. At the time, this one was mine.

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New Episode! Bookburners Episode 14: “An Excellent Day For An Exorcism”

Someone has betrayed Sal, turned her over to the not-so-tender ministrations of Team Two's Balloon and Stretch.

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New Episode! Bookburners Episode 12: “Puppets”

Open Season is declared on the Black Archives with every demon in the world wanting the Codex Umbra for their own.

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Bookburners Illustrated

When we wanted to see just what Sal, Asanti, and the whole Bookburnersteam might look like, we turned to Hong Kong born illustrator and comic book artist Yasmin Liang to work her magic.


Bookburners and Beginnings

Sal and the Bookburners may be on hiatus this week but the writers behind our demon-hunting serial are here chatting about Serial Box, collaborative fiction, and magic, oh my!

From The Writers' Room

Brian Francis Slattery on writing Bookburners Ep 12: “Puppets”

Episode 12 is Exhibit A for me when I think about how much I’ve enjoyed the collaborative process.

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Brian Francis Slattery on writing Bookburners Ep 6: “Big Sky”

The spark for “Big Sky” came from real life. Once while I was up too late I watched a documentary called The Creek Runs Red.

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